Game / Video / Application Sound

Do you have a marketing video that needs some extra sizzle? Maybe a new computer game that needs a bit of polish? Or could you have the next new mobile app that will be on everyone’s phone? We can help!

We have an experienced team of professional audio engineers, producers, composers, and musicians that can make your video, interactive game or mobile app POP! Not to mention a full stable of talented actors that can voice anything from a sales pitch to an angry ogre!

We are capable of handling just one aspect of your audio (i.e., voice over, sound effects or scoring) all the way up to the entire project (you give us a video, we give you a finished project). Our experienced producers are happy to work creatively within your existing team, or create a team for you, that can meet most needs.


Sample: Game Theme

Sample: Game Action

Sample: Game Passive

Sample: Arrows

Sample: Tile Placed Down

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